Bellinzona suisse anti aging

bellinzona suisse anti aging

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MSc, Andrea Maria Giori? MSc, Andrea Alimonti?

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Fifty female volunteers were enrolled in this, study, aged years, with moderate signs of skin ageing and skin redness. The cream was directly applied on the area to be treated, and its efficacy was evaluated at different intervals over 84 bellinzona suisse anti aging, using non- invasive bioengineering techniques, together with a subject selF-assessment and dermatologist clinical assessment.

For all the instrumental assessments, a clear improvement was observed already at the first visit day 14 from the start of applications and this improvement progressively increased until the last visit on day 84, The positive instrumental results were paralleled by both clinical evaluation and self-assessment by the subjects.

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The positive results were obtained in the absence of any undesired effect. Application of the cream containing Hilow and Haenkenium induced a significant improvement of the clinical signs of skin ageing and skin redness caused by the cold and wind, with a high degree of tolerability.