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Mette Frederiksen. She announced her intention to get more children into care and have part of them adopted in Denmark, in particular children from minorities.

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That is a shocker. Read more about that in this article use Google Translate, which indicates that this could mean an increase in children in care from This is unfortunately the outcome of a more than year process. Every since the European Commission forced Romania to properly implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and thus to stop the export of children for intercountry orphelinat suisse anti aging, the adoption agencies in the US and the EU have been up in arms and pushed the EU to make a degree U-turn.

Long story short, this is what I blew the whistle about. About the Hague Adoption Convention and its perverse effects. A letter that remained without reply, as a result I got fired in August A lot has happened since, which led me to these long overdue reflections. It was a highly emotional session, where those speaking pro and against adoption used strong words. One Member of Parliament, Van der Staaij, himself adoptive father of two Colombian children, asked: why now?

Why now this unsolicited advice to stop intercountry adoptions?

The same question had crossed my orphelinat suisse anti aging Why now? Inthe Kalsbeek Committee was given the specific remit of advising whether intercountry adoptions should be continued or stopped.

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This Committee, while writing a report that was critical, nevertheless decided that intercountry adoption should continue. Why now?

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Despite parliamentary questions, and the setting up of an investigative committee, the Indian scandal was largely covered up. Apart from three voluminous reports, not much happened. The responsible Secretary of State for Justice F. Teeven orphelinat suisse anti aging postponing reporting to Parliament. He could not gain access to the Indian criminal investigation.

And when he finally could, at the end ofinterest in this issue had subsided. This recommendation was issued following a request by the Dutch Court by a psychologist with close ties to the adoption agencies.

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There was no criminal investigation on the Dutch side. Adoptions with India could resume. In the meantime, changes had taken place at the European Orphelinat suisse anti aging the Barroso Commission had taken seat. I had been removed from my job. There was huge pressure to declare me psychiatrically unfit.

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However, some people at the highest level of the European Commission helped me fight back. Because the original, intended, interpretation of Article 21b would make intercountry adoptions as good as impossible.

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Intercountry adoptions were meant to be an absolute exception, not the rule. The Hague Adoption Convention instead turned it into a child protection measure, one among several and transformed the subsidiarity principle into: first national adoption, then intercountry adoption.


Foster care and residential care institutional care were relegated to very temporary solutions. The media turmoil that the Indian Scandal brought about, brought my book to the centre stage.

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It was the beginning of a very hot summer in adoption land. Around that time, in fact sincea revised draft adoptionption law had been pending in the Netherlands. Due to these scandals hitting the headlines, the Minister of Justice asked the Kalsbeek Committee on Lesbian Parenthood to also advise on the desirability of continuing intercountry adoption.

While being very critical, the Committee advised continuing intercountry adoption May Throughout all this, I was in deep trouble at the European Commission.

I had to be declared unfit for work. However, at the highest level of the European Commission there was a guerrilla war that tried to stop this. Together with the German Arun Dohle, who initiated the Indian Adoption Scandal, I worked tirelessly for almost 10 years to counter the vested interests.

We did this mainly by investing our own time and funding. In ACT got involved with the orphelinat suisse anti aging biggest adoption agency Wereldkinderen by helping them to set up a roots program for Indian adoptees.

We invested a huge amount of time, provided them with our expertise, and local experts. The idea was to set up a centre of excellence for roots searches, and request public funding. A rights-based approach for roots searches. But the cooperation failed, and we started helping Indian adoptees finding their roots ourselves. The unpaid work, given to Wereldkinderen, was paid orphelinat suisse anti aging out of our pockets.

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ACT received one paid assignment from Wereldkinderen in ACT was then contracted to investigate a number of adoption files. The findings were devastating: dead parents who were alive; and adoptions without parental consent.

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Instead of closing the Ethiopian program and disseminating the results of our findings internationally, the Ministry of Justice and Wereldkinderen travelled together to Ethiopia, were shown around by the traffickers and business continued as usual. ACT continued to uncover scandal after scandal, via the international media. Country after country stopped adoptions from Ethiopia and finally, inWereldkinderen also stopped because they could no longer get children.

ACT initiated the China scandal, by being the source for the media. We networked to draw attention to the trafficking of children in Uganda and Congo. Orphelinat suisse anti aging gave our knowledge to expose the effects of the Hague Convention in Bulgaria. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in other countries, our work created havoc.

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And the intercountry adoption numbers were constantly decreasing. And the RSJ now advises stopping intercountry adoptions? I blew the whistle in February on how I was being treated after my reintegration into the European Commission because the secondment contract to ACT expired.

And the lasting effects it is having on European children and families Annex I. A fully-fledged demand-driven market was the result.

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A sick adoption system, in which high level politicians and their relatives were involved, while allegedly paedophile networks had infiltrated the system. While he is known for his sharp and critical analysis of intercountry adoption practices, he and others insisted that foster care and residential care were not to be considered as suitable means of care, and needed to be limited in time.

And that intercountry adoption should be subsidiary to national adoption. In short: the Hague model. But that would have meant the same all over again, and not much would have changed. The EU withdrew from the international cooperation and continued its work with independent European experts. Endafter the Romanian government completed the EU-supported success story of the Romanian child protection reform with new legislation that corrected the former Hague biased laws, internal discussions started in Orphelinat suisse anti aging Enlargement on how to achieve a coherent EU approach.

We were aware that the closure of Romania would put other vulnerable countries at risk. With hindsight, I now understand why. Being side-lined, I got into a weird battle with the European Commission, where a few high-level — in fact the highest level, Secretary General Catherine Day, proposed that I continued with my work on child rights. The RSJ now wants the Netherlands to stop intercountry adoption and refocus on building up local child protection instead. UNICEF, however, wants intercountry adoptions to continue, based on a position paper drafted by Defence for Children International just look at the document properties.

Believe it or not, where the RSJ opines that the subsidiarity principle cannot be implemented in practice, and thus becomes an argument against intercountry adoptions, UNICEF, Defence for Children and ISS advise applying the subsidiarity rule for each and every child at individual level. And I wonder, why? And I wonder: who the hell is Nigel? And, last but not least, I still wonder why I was invited orphelinat suisse anti aging speak at the Round Table.

La Roumanie.

In there was no place for me at the Round Table discussion about the Kalsbeek Report, this time there was. My article about the perverse effects of the Hague Adoption Convention was extensively quoted. I still wonder if the whistleblower letter to the President of the European Parliament, copied to the Dutch Prime Minister, in Februaryhad anything to do with that.