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General view of the nave and templon wall of the church at Karinia, with the heraldic eagle visible in the sanctuary apse.

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Also visible: the Panagia Pantanassa, the Mandylion, the Deisis group, parts of the Dodekaorton, two prophets on the ribs of the vault, and military saints. Credits: Vladimir Agrigoroaei.

Zăcăminte de minereuri şi roci utile Geochimia mediului Geochimia zăcămintelor de minereuri şi de combustibili În cadrul facultăţii funcţionează 12 centre şi colective de cercetare ce desfăşoară o activitate susţinută în cadrul granturilor, contractelor şi proiectelor cu finanţare internaţională, guvernamentală sau din sectorul economic intern : Centru Lythos, Geomedia, Centrul de cercetare de Petrologie și Metalogenie Aplicată, Centrul de Geologie și Geofizică Ambientală, Colectivul de cercetări mineralogice petrologice și de mediu, Centrul de studii și cercetări, implemantare și microproductie, Biroul de expertiză și consulting, Geologia zăcămintelor de cărbuni și protecția mediului, Geomatică, Managmentul resurselor minerale și mediului inconjurător, Tectonică și Geologie Ambientală, Centrul de cercetări pentru geologia petrolului. Studenţii doritori sunt implicaţi în permanenţă în contractele de cercetare, având acces direct la achiziţia de date pentru proiectele de licenţă şi de master, beneficiind de un contact timpuriu cu specificul activităţilor geologice.

Detail of the eastern section of the southern wall of the nave, with a depiction of prophet Elisha. View of the eastern section of the northern wall of the nave, with the depictions of military saints, the Nativity scene, and prophet Elijah.

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Detail of the representation of prophet Elijah. Credits: Vladimir Agrigoroaei First and foremost, a brief description of the murals is in with the Baptist and saint John the Theologian as counter- order. The themes represented in the church of Karinia are: parts in the lower register of the southern wall măști anti-îmbătrânire pentru piele the nave the Panagia Pantanassa in the conch, the Annunciation Fig.

All turn to the Pantokrator, represented on the combined with the Mandylion, frontal hierarchs in the southern section of the templon.

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No hermit saints are depicted, save the two martyr western wall ; Resurrection and Nativity northern sec- saints Paraskevi and Callinica, who appear in a row of three tion of the vault ; as well as the Baptism of Christ in the lower busts of female saints depicted within the same frame, with register southern wall Fig.

Prophets David, Solomon, saint Kyriaki in official garments positioned between them Elijah, and Elisha are represented on two ribs of the barrel- Fig. In the same middle register, on the southern wall, vault.

Although cir- full-scale depiction of the ktetorial couple on the northern cumstantially of high quality, the program is not executed one, followed by various military saints represented in the with the same meticulousness all over.

This points to the same register in the rest of the church.

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Saints Nestor and involvement of two or more painters. Hastiness and lack Theodore are depicted in supplication in the western sec- of attention are also evident in the drawing of the compo- tion of the southern wall Fig. Distinguished among the sitional frames and in the individual portraits, which are military saints are the equestrian George Diasoritis and not orderly, radar zone 30 suisse anti aging not respect symmetry, etc.

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Yet this is not the Demetrius of Thessalonica on the northern wall, both ri- subject of my radar zone 30 suisse anti aging. What interests me most are those fea- ding toward the East. Demetrius is closer to the sanctuary, tures that may be of a potential Latin origin.

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Besides the while George is much larger in scale. There is no other de- eagle — the final destination of the present article — and a piction of saint George, save this image on horseback.

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Wide view of the Dodekaorton cycle painted on the the apostles in the Ascension a feature recognized in Ita- vault of the church of Saint-George in Karinia. The Nativity scene on the same vault at Karinia. Since this Credits: Vladimir Agrigoroaei last feature is debatable, it is perhaps best to start from it and 20 Panayotis St. Katsafados work our way slowly through an analysis of the Maccabees and of the inscriptions, in order to reach the final discus- sion about the eagle from the sanctuary apse.

The depictions of saints George and Demetrius.

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The ktetorial couple. The two saints, George and Demetrius, are painted within the same frame on the northern wall of the nave in Karinia.

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They are not overlapping, and both saints are identified by tituli written in the proximity of their heads. The composition pre- Fig. Saints Nestor and Theodore represented in supplication in the western section ulei anti-imbatranire the southern wall.

The Baptism of Christ in the lower register of murals from the southern wall in the church of Karinia.

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Saint Romanus Sklepodioktis in the same murals. He is young and beardless, with short hair. In the mural, his head is severely damaged, so it is impossible to state whether he was diademed with or without stemmatogyrionas it happens in the case of other saint in the composition, Demetrius.

George rides a pran- cing white horse. He wears a long white-sleeved tunic, while his armor consists of riveted rectangular lamellas.

Museikon 4 2020

A round shield hangs on his back. The saddle of the rich horse harness has a Latin-style raised cantle and a protruding gullet.

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The rider wears rec- tangularly patterned hose down to his short boots. The paint of the latter is exfoliated, together with the stirrups. Radar zone 30 suisse anti aging left hand holds the reins, while the right arm is raised, plunging the lance into the dragon.

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The figure of the dra- gon is not easily discernible: two parallel brown humpy lines belonging to the upper part of the serpentine body are the only features that remain of the monster. The horses of both saints appear to have their tails knotted at crema anti-imbatranire pentru acnee lower ends.

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Last but not least, at the croup of the horse of saint George sits a bareheaded boy dressed in a whitish sleeved tunic Fig.